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Loyalty 2.0

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Customer expectations for loyalty programs are high—how can you make yours a success? 

  • Develop point structures, accounting for point accelerators, and define redemption clarity 
  • Meet consumers where they are to reward them and the importance of “VIP” recognition 
  • Your loyalty program is only as good as your promotional efforts 
  • Align on what success means from the outset, and then consistently measure

Loyalty — it’s a coveted prize for every brand.  

The thought that your customers will continually choose you over the competition because they  love your products the most is the ideal goal for every retailer. For years, it’s been table stakes  to offer a loyalty program. Anyone and everyone might have a loyalty program. Airlines, grocers,  department stores, even small mom-and-pop shops have loyalty programs. The digital age has  increased customer expectations, and in turn has placed more pressure on loyalty programs.  

Consumers expect more personalized communications, more channels to do their shopping,  speedier delivery, and the list continues to grow. There are still roadblocks when it comes to  reward redemption, though. You must create a rewards program that is direct, worthwhile, and  accessible.  

Retailers, it’s become increasingly clear: by enhancing your loyalty program, you’ll foster a  better relationship with your best customer base. Read our Loyalty 2.0 report. 

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