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Casinos, Gaming, & Sports Betting

January 21, 2022

Win big with personalized, data-driven marketing

The gaming industry is a crowded market. From sports betting and iGaming to casinos and distributed gaming, there are so many opportunities for consumers to test their luck. But in such a crowded market, how can your brand stand out?

Being able to personalize communications with data-driven marketing is crucial to gaining gaming customers’ attention.

Personalized marketing at scale

Acoustic Marketing Cloud enables you to orchestrate the customer journey with personalized communications across email, mobile, social media, and any other digital channel you leverage. 

“We found it straightforward to integrate the Acoustic platform with other applications, including our gaming and hotel booking systems. Insight from our gaming systems enables us to define granular segments based on a customer’s preferred game type, such as slots or tables.” – Rory Alexander, Director of Email and CRM Marketing, Eldorado Resorts

Download this ideapaper to:

  • Uncover the trends shaping the gaming industry today
  • Learn how personalized, data-driven marketing can create meaningful touchpoints with consumers
  • See results from Acoustic customers in the gaming/hospitality space