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2020 Email Marketing Benchmark Report

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How do you benchmark a wholly unpredictable year? 

  • In our special COVID-19 Benchmark Report published in June 2020, we analyzed email engagement and behavior just as the pandemic was beginning to permeate our lives. 
  • In this full-year 2020 benchmark, we explore behavioral shifts as we entered the “new normal.” 
  • This report includes deep dives by industry, as well as region, and also compares our original COVID-19 data with the second half of the 2020 calendar year. 

Email remains a reliable, powerful marketing tool 

As the world opens back up and “normalcy” returns, so too do our email habits. 

Email remains a critical mechanism for reaching key audiences; and, despite the continued momentum of digital transformation and email marketing volume, engagement has continued to grow, overall, compared with pre-pandemic levels. 

Want to see how your stats stack up?


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