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Forrester Study: Strengthen Customer Retention and Engagement with Behavioral Data

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When marketers can access and act on customer behavioral data, new opportunities for personalization, engagement, and ultimately, customer retention are created. But there’s a disconnect between marketers’ goals and the data practices that inform their strategies.

  • While marketing leaders know they can benefit from deeper customer behavioral data, they aren’t sure how to use this data once they have it.

  • In fact, 75% say collecting real-time experience data is important or critical to their business, but less than half are currently collecting it.

This is according to an April 2024 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Acoustic.

So, how should marketers update their data strategies to reach their customer engagement and retention goals?

Forrester surveyed more than 1,200 global marketing decision-makers to uncover new opportunities for personalization and engagement throughout all stages of the customer journey.

Download the Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper commissioned by Acoustic to uncover the key findings, insights, and valuable recommendations that will empower you to create lasting customer relationships with customer behavioral data.


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