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Fraud identification and forensics with Tealeaf by Acoustic

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Mitigating fraud in a digital world

A global banking fraud survey from KPMG found that over 60% of respondents have experienced an increase in fraud volume. As financial fraud wreaks havoc on consumers and financial services institutions alike, it’s critical to equip fraud teams with the insights they need to mitigate future attacks.

Gain a 360-degree view of the customer digital experience

Tealeaf by Acoustic enables IT, security, and fraud prevention teams to detect, investigate, and mitigate fraud. In this ideapaper, we outline how Tealeaf can help fight fraud and share real-world use cases from our customers.

Download the report today to see scenarios where Tealeaf can benefit you, including:

  • Process fraud
  • Credit card applications
  • Data mining
  • And much more

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