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Marketing & Sales: Two Teams, One Goal

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Marketing and sales are inextricably linked

  • Marketing needs to create leads and sales needs to sell and close those leads. Marketing builds the company’s ability to sell; sales ensures the overall company’s viability and health. 
  • Essentially, a great marketing team is rendered useless without a great sales team and vice versa.

Yet marketers often deploy technology without considering sales needs as well

Despite both marketing and sales working to generate revenue for their business, the two teams are often siloed and struggle to share information effectively. To break down these barriers, marketing leaders should consider their MarTech stack from both a marketing and sales perspective. 

By shifting your mindset to think more holistically, marketing and sales can become better aligned as one revenue-generating team.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to better align marketing and sales, download a copy of our ideapaper today.

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