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The Mobile Marketing Funnel

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Mobile marketing is one of the most effective marketing approaches

  • Today, many people prefer mobile shopping to any other form for its convenience and contactless nature.
  • Mobile’s popularity is growing, with people viewing their phones more each day and the number of global smartphone users on the rise.

Yet marketers struggle to maximize each stage of the mobile customer experience

Many marketers view mobile as a tool that can be used at one step in the customer journey, rather than a channel that can be leveraged throughout. With 3.6 billion smartphone users globally, mobile marketing has the potential to reach a massive audience who actually prefer to purchase products through their mobile devices. For marketers, this means understanding which tactics turn prospects into customers and eventually, into loyal brand advocates.

At each step in the customer journey — from awareness and discovery to consideration and purchase — mobile technology can connect your brand to your audience with a shopping experience that resonates.

If you’re a retailer interested in learning more about how to leverage mobile to drive loyalty and sales, download a copy of our ebook today.

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