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The Future of Marketing

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5 expert marketers share insights on technology, brand-building and reaching today’s digital-savvy customer

AI and the rise of digital-centric customers are challenging marketers like never before. While technology is helping marketers meet this moment, you can’t lose sight of the human connection. After all, you are marketing to people with goals, dreams, and emotions. With no crystal ball, how can you know what your next move should be? What does the marketing landscape look like today, and where is it heading?

Some of the brightest minds in marketing revealed fascinating insights and practical advice in our influencer ebook.

From them, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your marketing human.
  • Why first-party data is increasingly more important.
  • How to make brand-building part of marketing and why it matters.
  • Why there is a growing need to personalize experiences and how influencers can help.
  • How direct and owned channels create the best customer experiences.
  • Why you need a purpose-built tech stack for personalization and building stronger customer connections.

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