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Top 5 Digital Banking Frictions

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Quickly diagnose customer barriers and improve CX

Self-service banking has emerged as a popular means of engaging with retail banks due to the convenience it provides to consumers. Yet if digital or mobile experiences are unclear, broken, or difficult to use, it can cause customer friction.

Understanding how customers interact with your digital properties can enable your bank to resolve customer issues more quickly, helping ensure they remain engaged. When fully engaged customers contribute 37% more annual revenue to their primary bank than those who are disengaged, you can’t afford not to optimize the digital customer experience.

Relevant data. Precise insights. Faster impact.

Download our ideapaper to uncover how Tealeaf by Acoustic has helped real retail banks optimize the customer experience across five prominent digital banking scenarios:

  • Mobile deposits
  • Product launches
  • Vendor management
  • Issue validation
  • Fraud mitigation

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