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Holiday 2020 Retail Trends

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Online retail recovered well during the holiday period in a far-from-normal shopping year 

  • Online retailers enjoyed higher value purchases 
  • They experienced less abandoned carts 
  • Shoppers demonstrated higher engagement 
  • Mobile shopping increased dramatically 

Our data shows mobile gaining continued momentum

There was a 66% increase in iPhone mobile shopping activity and an 18% increase in Android mobile shopping activity. Even in a year when many shoppers were working from home and traveling infrequently or not at all—and thus, likely at home near a larger screen—they still turned to their phones to shop. Black Friday shoppers showed 32% more activity on phone vs. web compared to last year. Cyber Monday shoppers used mobile 28% more. 

Our data showed that email is by far the top channel to drive traffic and convert sales in online stores. Paid Search, Natural Search, and Affiliate channels/third-party shopping websites were the top drivers of traffic outside of email. 

If you’re a retailer curious to learn more about how we gathered this data, and what it might mean for your own business, download our full infographic showcasing this data

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